extreme testicular torture

2019-08-169:31 minutesBDSM, Ball busting, CBT
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the slave must sit with far gespreitzten thighs on the chair. Lady Britt has a very special joy to let the slave's hanger slide between her hands. She reaches hard into the slave testicles, kneads them hard and intensively through. They use the slave eggs until the pain is no longer bearable. Whining and begging for mercy does not help the slave.


2019-07-3012:48 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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The slave is fixed on the leather bench and awaits the things that come. The beautiful and strict Lady Britt begins to warm up the slave's rubber ass with the cane. The loops become firmer and firmer, the slave's ass gets hotter and hotter and the slave starts to wriggle, which only encourages Lady Britt to continue treating his ass and beat it even harder. One wonders involuntarily how long the slave will not be able to sit down.


2019-07-3014:57 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Fisting
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The slave's ass belongs to the gorgeous Lady Britt. The slave learns this in this video and we can watch how Lady Britt teaches him this. Lady Britt fists the slave hard and lets him feel who is in charge. You can really feel how much fun it is for the mistress to torture the slave and to stretch, widen and spread his ass cunt. The inclined viewer wishes nothing more than to lie on this gynchair and feel the fist of the mistress while watching this video.


Double Fisting

2019-07-304:05 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Fisting
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There lies the slave in rubber now on the gynchair, his little tongue and his little eggs tied with a hose. The strict mistress has already inserted a fist into his anus and massages his intestines with it. His rosette is stretched and spread and the mistress pushes her hand further and further into him. Now she changes to the other hand and stretches his ass-foot also with her. To good last the slave may both Hände in its slave ass feel and is stretched up to the tearing.

Get your ass out

2019-07-2910:45 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Whipping
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At the end of this treatment the slave will have learned which posture is the right one when he gets his ass full.  Lady Britt in her beautiful leather dress repeats it many times for him: ass out, ass out, ass out. She gives emphasis to her desire for attitude with different percussion instruments and bleeds it to the slave. The correct attitude is very important after all, so that the slave likes the mistress, so that the mistress pays her attention to the slave.

Slave hangers should be used

2019-07-295:36 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
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The slave sits bound on a shining leather chair and is prepared by Lady Britt for the weekend. The slave will have after this strict treatment for days no joy at its slave tail. He will neither wank his slave cock because of the treatment given to him, nor will he be able to fuck. At the end, however, the slave will thank Lady Britt for the favor, which was granted him humbly.

about the Strafbock

2019-07-075:09 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
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hard Zü?chtigung with the cane must bear the slave. L.ady Britt knows no mercy

Butchers in the slaughterhouse

2019-07-0710:37 minutesBDSM, Glovefetish, Pig Play
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Butchers in the slaughterhouse

Butcher Britt and her colleague now have the butcher in the slaughterhouse. Caught on hind leg with a rope

he's been fortified so he can't run away. Butcher Britt reassures the butcher by letting him get very close to him and he grunts at her battle apron, a pleasant grunt can be heard as he rubs her rubber boots with his pig's trunk.

That all does not help him because now he is brought to his destiny.

It's a pure role-playing game.

Slave milking with the milking machine 0
Slave milking with the milking machine 1
Slave milking with the milking machine 2
Slave milking with the milking machine 3
Slave milking with the milking machine 4

Lady Britt uses her slave with the milking machine. He must have himself under control otherwise it will be a pure acorn milking... Very painful

Scrotum Sewing

2019-07-075:04 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Medical
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The slave could not leave it again and again to Wichsen. Well now it's over his cock will be taken by his mistress Lady Britt without further ado simplyäht.