about the Strafbock

2019-07-065:09 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
about the Strafbock 0
about the Strafbock 1
about the Strafbock 2

hard Zü?chtigung with the cane must bear the slave. L.ady Britt knows no mercy

Butchers in the slaughterhouse

2019-07-0610:37 minutesBDSM, Glovefetish, Pig Play
Butchers in the slaughterhouse 0
Butchers in the slaughterhouse 1
Butchers in the slaughterhouse 2
Butchers in the slaughterhouse 3
Butchers in the slaughterhouse 4

Butchers in the slaughterhouse

Butcher Britt and her colleague now have the butcher in the slaughterhouse. Caught on hind leg with a rope

he's been fortified so he can't run away. Butcher Britt reassures the butcher by letting him get very close to him and he grunts at her battle apron, a pleasant grunt can be heard as he rubs her rubber boots with his pig's trunk.

That all does not help him because now he is brought to his destiny.

It's a pure role-playing game.

Slave milking with the milking machine 0
Slave milking with the milking machine 1
Slave milking with the milking machine 2
Slave milking with the milking machine 3
Slave milking with the milking machine 4

Lady Britt uses her slave with the milking machine. He must have himself under control otherwise it will be a pure acorn milking... Very painful

Scrotum Sewing

2019-07-065:04 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Scrotum Sewing 0
Scrotum Sewing 1
Scrotum Sewing 2

The slave could not leave it again and again to Wichsen. Well now it's over his cock will be taken by his mistress Lady Britt without further ado simplyäht.

testicular weights

2019-07-065:11 minutesBDSM, CBT, Femdom
testicular weights 0
testicular weights 1
testicular weights 2
testicular weights 3
testicular weights 4

Lady Britt and Lady Isabell have fixed the slave firmly. Now his eggs will be tied and the test can begin...

Weights are attached to his hardened eggs. Whether he can probably satisfy both mistresses?

the adulterer

2019-07-068:56 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
the adulterer 0
the adulterer 1
the adulterer 2
the adulterer 3
the adulterer 4

Lady Britt carries out the punishment on the marriage slaves of her friend. Cheating will drive her out of him. The girlfriend on Lady Britt has already tried it with her marriage slave on all erdenklices, unfortunately without success. She now hopes for Lady Britt... Who doesn't want to hear will be sorry.

acorn punishment

2019-07-068:15 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
acorn punishment 0
acorn punishment 1
acorn punishment 2

Slave Helmut was more than disobedient. Lady Britt has set the penalty for hitting the glans with a long hard shoe. He can only whine to Lady Britt it does not interest, the slave's oak becomes more and more bulging and swollen. A höll torture for the slave.

Tube expansion with diators

2019-07-069:02 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Tube expansion with diators 0
Tube expansion with diators 1
Tube expansion with diators 2
Tube expansion with diators 3
Tube expansion with diators 4

     The piss tube of the slave is completely constricted and is üuml;made through vibration dilators again by Lady Britt. A particularly painful undertaking for the slave. It is surely only for the good of the slave and Lady Britt has her joy to use the slave.

used with needles

2019-07-0611:16 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Medical
used with needles 0
used with needles 1
used with needles 2
used with needles 3
used with needles 4

Lady Britt is very unhappy with the stability of the slave tail ... It is not suitable for being blown because it always falls together... needle therapy is called for          


2019-07-0411:11 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Nylon
Nylons 0
Nylons 1
Nylons 2
Nylons 3
Nylons 4

Lady Britt is a guest at Domina Mia with her slave. When she wants to get dressed she realizes that her expensive nylons are missing. Her terrible thought comes to her, her slave has once again dared to have her for herself again to smell it. Yes it is as thought now Lady Britt will show him once and for all what happens to him. He will eat them and have to wear his beloved nylons in front of his mistress.