2019-09-305:02 minutesAnal Sex, BDSM, Fisting
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with wide spread thighs the slave lies on the examination chair. His slave... will now have to withstand a deep fisting. In and out goes the fist of the mistress, always further he is stretched.


2019-08-184:05 minutesAnal Sex, BDSM, Female Domination
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In the middle of the room the slave stands fixed at a spreader bar. Lady Britt has a dildo pole with plug attached in the middle and the slave has to insert this deep into his slave ass. Exactly in this unfortunate situation in which the slave is now Lady Britt begins to milk the slave with the milking machine. There it means for the slave to keep the control in the stability.

the mouth tail

2019-07-056:08 minutesAnal Sex, BDSM, Domination
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Lady Britt and Lady Isabell command the slave to lick the rubber tail clean which was in all of Lady Isabell's litters.

The two won't tolerate repeated words. Before the whole thing could take place the rubber tail was tied to him in front of his slave mouth and he had to fuck his mistress lady Isabell with it.

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