2021-01-225:39 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Sklaveneiertraining 0
Sklaveneiertraining 1
Sklaveneiertraining 2
Sklaveneiertraining 3
Sklaveneiertraining 4

das Gehänge gehört hart benutzt. Gewichte hat er zu tragen um den Herrinnen Freude zu bereiten.

die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung

2020-11-1510:31 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung 0
die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung 1
die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung 2
die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung 3
die Gummisklaven Zwangsentsamung 4

weit gespreitzt liegt der Sklave in seinem Latexanzug in Ketten verpackt auf dem Untersuchungsstuhl. Er hat einen Samenstau der sehr schmerzhaft für ihn ist. Lady Britt entscheidet eine Theraphie ,,, Zwangsentsamung um alles wieder frei zu bekommen.


2020-09-073:00 minutesBDSM, CBT, Femdom

Erektions Therapie

2020-03-094:54 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Erektions  Therapie 0
Erektions  Therapie 1
Erektions  Therapie 2
Erektions  Therapie 3
Erektions  Therapie 4

Probleme wegen Erektions Schwäche,,, da hilft nur die Sklavenmelkmaschine sagt Lady Britt

CBT, he's gotta take it

2020-03-0920:58 minutesBDSM, Ball busting, CBT
CBT, he's gotta take it 0
CBT, he's gotta take it 1
CBT, he's gotta take it 2
CBT, he's gotta take it 3
CBT, he's gotta take it 4

The slave will have to bear some weights and extreme blows until I Lady britt his mistress is satisfied.

the vacuum pump

2019-08-1810:43 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
the vacuum pump 0
the vacuum pump 1
the vacuum pump 2

Check the slaves piss tube for constriction with a very long dilator, then build up the slave tail via the electric vacuum pump.

Acorn torture

2019-08-168:15 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Acorn torture 0
Acorn torture 1
Acorn torture 2

Slave Helmut was more than disobedient. Lady Britt has set the penalty for beating the acorn with a long wooden shoehorn. He can only whine to Lady Britt it does not interest, the slave's oak becomes more and more bulging and swollen. A hell of a torment for the slave. Anyway, Lady Britt doesn't have any ear for his whining. The whole thing is painful and only in this way will the slave learn.

Slave milking

2019-08-1610:08 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Slave milking 0
Slave milking 1
Slave milking 2
Slave milking 3
Slave milking 4

Lady Britt uses her slave with the milking machine. He must have himself under control otherwise it will be a pure acorn milking... Very painful

extreme testicular torture

2019-08-169:31 minutesBDSM, Ball busting, CBT
extreme testicular torture 0
extreme testicular torture 1
extreme testicular torture 2

the slave must sit with far gespreitzten thighs on the chair. Lady Britt has a very special joy to let the slave's hanger slide between her hands. She reaches hard into the slave testicles, kneads them hard and intensively through. They use the slave eggs until the pain is no longer bearable. Whining and begging for mercy does not help the slave.

Slave hangers should be used

2019-07-295:36 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Slave hangers should be used 0
Slave hangers should be used 1
Slave hangers should be used 2
Slave hangers should be used 3
Slave hangers should be used 4

The slave sits bound on a shining leather chair and is prepared by Lady Britt for the weekend. The slave will have after this strict treatment for days no joy at its slave tail. He will neither wank his slave cock because of the treatment given to him, nor will he be able to fuck. At the end, however, the slave will thank Lady Britt for the favor, which was granted him humbly.

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