the stay in the stable

2020-05-269:44 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
the stay in the stable 0
the stay in the stable 1
the stay in the stable 2
the stay in the stable 3
the stay in the stable 4

Slaves for which there is no use are parked in the stable. After Lady Britt has noticed that the slave lies there lazily in the straw she wakes him up in her own way.

my little greedy fuck-pig

2020-02-1020:42 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
my little greedy fuck-pig 0
my little greedy fuck-pig 1
my little greedy fuck-pig 2
my little greedy fuck-pig 3
my little greedy fuck-pig 4

my horny little piggy has to show off for me, make me look ridiculous in front of others. Embarrassment exercises, tails wank for the mistress. He knows exactly he is not doing it to their satisfaction means that they have to endure pain.


2019-08-1610:37 minutesBDSM, Domination, Pig Play
Schweineschlachtung 0
Schweineschlachtung 1
Schweineschlachtung 2
Schweineschlachtung 3
Schweineschlachtung 4

Die Metzgermeisterinnen Lady Britt und Mia Cativa schlachten endlich zusammen! Zwei Meisterinnen dieses Fachs geben ihr Können zum Besten. Die neue Lieferung Eber ist angekommen. Ein sehr wilder und ein ruhiger. Allerdings hat der Fahrer des Viehtransports die Schweine verwechselt und so kommen Britt und Mia ganz schön ins Schwitzen. Der falsche Eber wird kastriert Es handelt sich um ein reines Rollenspiel,( Scheinschlachtung)


2019-08-165:11 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
Weights 0
Weights 1
Weights 2
Weights 3
Weights 4

Lady Britt and Lady Isabella use the slave as weights holder.

Sklaven gehören benutzt

2019-07-0512:23 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
Sklaven gehören benutzt 0
Sklaven gehören benutzt 1
Sklaven gehören benutzt 2
Sklaven gehören benutzt 3
Sklaven gehören benutzt 4

Lady Britt und Lady Isabell haben ganz besondere Freude an dem Sklaven. Lady Isabell hat Lady Britt eingeladen ihren persönlichen Sklaven

mit ihr zusammen zu benutzen. Gewichte ,Klammern,Peitsche, Rohrstock und zum Schluss wird er auch noch gefickt von den Herinen.

vergehen werden im ganz besonders bestraft.

the mouth tail

2019-07-056:08 minutesAnal Sex, BDSM, Domination
the mouth tail 0
the mouth tail 1
the mouth tail 2
the mouth tail 3
the mouth tail 4

Lady Britt and Lady Isabell command the slave to lick the rubber tail clean which was in all of Lady Isabell's litters.

The two won't tolerate repeated words. Before the whole thing could take place the rubber tail was tied to him in front of his slave mouth and he had to fuck his mistress lady Isabell with it.

the butcher's apprentice

2019-07-0510:12 minutesBDSM, Domination, Pig Play
the butcher's apprentice 0
the butcher's apprentice 1
the butcher's apprentice 2
the butcher's apprentice 3
the butcher's apprentice 4

two butchers plague and wait for the new butcher apprentice

The two butchers don't really have it easy. They catch him passing unauthorized whites through the keyhole.

looks to see what's going on inside, well there he is without the two butchers. Now he will learn

what it means how the pigs are doing in the slaughterhouse.

It's a pure role-playing game.

the wild sow

2019-07-0510:36 minutesBDSM, Domination, Fetish
the wild sow 0
the wild sow 1
the wild sow 2
the wild sow 3
the wild sow 4

two butchers are plagued with two slaughter boars that have gone wild. . Foot steps with the rubber boots keep them apart.

The two butchers don't really have it easy.

It is a pure role play 

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