Hubi the bubble pig

2020-05-2617:13 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Sissy
Hubi the bubble pig 0
Hubi the bubble pig 1
Hubi the bubble pig 2
Hubi the bubble pig 3
Hubi the bubble pig 4

Hubi my little blister piggy is just embarrassing. Blowing is one of his favourite things to do, no matter if it's a real sw... or inflatable tails ... Well, then I just give the instructions as he has to do it soooo it also right so that I can enjoy it. I like it to put him simply correctly to the Scha.

my little piggy

2020-05-2613:24 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Sissy
my little piggy 0
my little piggy 1
my little piggy 2
my little piggy 3
my little piggy 4

part two.

Hubi my little cum piggy can not leave it simply not let, greedy without end he is only jerking off. It's embarrassing to look like he has made himself up, look slutty and then add his really small Wichsschwänzchen. Blow rubber dick, then again to get the ass full. That's just the embarrassing part.

the stay in the stable

2020-05-269:44 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
the stay in the stable 0
the stay in the stable 1
the stay in the stable 2
the stay in the stable 3
the stay in the stable 4

Slaves for which there is no use are parked in the stable. After Lady Britt has noticed that the slave lies there lazily in the straw she wakes him up in her own way.


2020-05-269:03 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
Garten 0
Garten 1
Garten 2
Garten 3
Garten 4

He is useless, he does gardening only reluctantly and badly. He is caught by his mistress spending his time in a sex magazine. Lady Britt punishes him hard for that.

Erektions Therapie

2020-03-094:54 minutesBDSM, CBT, Female Domination
Erektions  Therapie 0
Erektions  Therapie 1
Erektions  Therapie 2
Erektions  Therapie 3
Erektions  Therapie 4

Probleme wegen Erektions Schwäche,,, da hilft nur die Sklavenmelkmaschine sagt Lady Britt

xxx desamation of the slave

2020-03-094:05 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Orgasms
xxx desamation of the slave 0
xxx desamation of the slave 1
xxx desamation of the slave 2
xxx desamation of the slave 3
xxx desamation of the slave 4

Off to the milking machine with you.

the garden slave who is no good

2020-02-109:03 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
the garden slave who is no good 0
the garden slave who is no good 1
the garden slave who is no good 2
the garden slave who is no good 3
the garden slave who is no good 4

Lady Britt has given her slave the task to clean up the garden. When she comes to check, she catches him rummaging through a sex book.

That has evil consequences for his slave ass. Whining and begging doesn't help anymore.

my little greedy fuck-pig

2020-02-1020:42 minutesBDSM, Domination, Female Domination
my little greedy fuck-pig 0
my little greedy fuck-pig 1
my little greedy fuck-pig 2
my little greedy fuck-pig 3
my little greedy fuck-pig 4

my horny little piggy has to show off for me, make me look ridiculous in front of others. Embarrassment exercises, tails wank for the mistress. He knows exactly he is not doing it to their satisfaction means that they have to endure pain.

Nazi slave

2020-01-067:02 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Slave
Nazi slave 0
Nazi slave 1
Nazi slave 2
Nazi slave 3
Nazi slave 4

if I have a slave, why would I use a toilet, So we'll water him.

above the penalty box

2020-01-068:01 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
above the penalty box 0
above the penalty box 1
above the penalty box 2

Slave H behaved very badly. Lady Britt is really not in a good mood after all this. From over the penalty box it comes close and decisive.

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