extreme testicular torture

2019-08-16 9:31 minutes BDSM, Ball busting, CBT
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extreme testicular torture 2

the slave must sit with far gespreitzten thighs on the chair. Lady Britt has a very special joy to let the slave's hanger slide between her hands. She reaches hard into the slave testicles, kneads them hard and intensively through. They use the slave eggs until the pain is no longer bearable. Whining and begging for mercy does not help the slave.

extreme testicular kneading

2019-07-07 9:31 minutes BDSM, CBT, Female Domination
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hard testicular torture by Lady Britt testicles must be rendered unusable. It makes me want to see the agony and hear what my object Miles must endure. Well massaged in with Öl I kneaded aside the useless eggs, whining and begging absolutely nothing my fingers go to the core. That's exactly what you have to do with useless slave hangs.

testicular weights

2019-07-07 5:11 minutes BDSM, CBT, Femdom
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testicular weights 4

Lady Britt and Lady Isabell have fixed the slave firmly. Now his eggs will be tied and the test can begin...

Weights are attached to his hardened eggs. Whether he can probably satisfy both mistresses?

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