Der Rohrstock tanzt

2021-03-1415:53 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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Strafe hat der Sklave verdient, Lust hat es mir ihn zu strafen.


2021-01-224:17 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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Sklaven müssen Leiden und werden für vergehen bestraft mit dem Rohrstock. Nicht genug damit keine Spitze Dornen graben sich in sein Sklavenfleisch.

teuflische Dominas 2

2020-12-1412:02 minutesBDSM, Caning, Whipping
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Lady Britt hat den Sklaven ihrer Freundin Isabelle nun fest fixiert an der Spossenwand damit sie ihn richtig bearbeiten können. Nur durch  diese Bahandlung wird er lernen was es  heißt gehorsam zu sein.

zwei teuflische dominas Flags

2020-12-148:23 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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Lady Britt und ihre Freundin Isabelle haben sich verabredet um über den Leibeignen Sklaven zu sprechen. Isabelle ist sehr unzufrieden  mit ihm und bittest Lady Britt  sich seiner anzunehmen. Zucht und Ordnung  muss gelernt werden.


2020-05-269:03 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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He is useless, he does gardening only reluctantly and badly. He is caught by his mistress spending his time in a sex magazine. Lady Britt punishes him hard for that.

Whip and cane

2019-09-3011:17 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Spanking
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Lady Britt and Lady Isabelle have fixed the slave firmly to the wall bars and are now carrying out punishment for misconduct, disrespect of the mistresses. The two use whip and cane alternately. All the whining and complaining of the slave does not help, it only makes the mistresses more angry than the slave thinks he is in the right. He shouldn't have said that thought.

about the Strafbock

2019-08-185:09 minutesBDSM, Caning, Spanking
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about the Strafbock 2

Slave Max has betrayed his wife repeatedly. His wife Barbara had threatened him, if it happens again it means punishment with the cane by Lady Britt. I'm sure he won't have a sweet tooth for it.


2019-07-3012:48 minutesBDSM, Caning, Female Domination
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The slave is fixed on the leather bench and awaits the things that come. The beautiful and strict Lady Britt begins to warm up the slave's rubber ass with the cane. The loops become firmer and firmer, the slave's ass gets hotter and hotter and the slave starts to wriggle, which only encourages Lady Britt to continue treating his ass and beat it even harder. One wonders involuntarily how long the slave will not be able to sit down.

Get your ass out

2019-07-2910:45 minutesBDSM, Female Domination, Whipping
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Get your ass out 2

At the end of this treatment the slave will have learned which posture is the right one when he gets his ass full.  Lady Britt in her beautiful leather dress repeats it many times for him: ass out, ass out, ass out. She gives emphasis to her desire for attitude with different percussion instruments and bleeds it to the slave. The correct attitude is very important after all, so that the slave likes the mistress, so that the mistress pays her attention to the slave.

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