2019-09-30 5:02 minutes Anal Sex, BDSM, Fisting
Fisten 0
Fisten 1
Fisten 2

with wide spread thighs the slave lies on the examination chair. His slave... will now have to withstand a deep fisting. In and out goes the fist of the mistress, always further he is stretched.

Urethral dilation Dilators

2019-08-18 3:32 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Urethral dilation Dilators 0
Urethral dilation Dilators 1
Urethral dilation Dilators 2
Urethral dilation Dilators 3
Urethral dilation Dilators 4

Slave A complains already the whole time his bubble and the Pissröhre burns with the water leave. Lady Britt has found with the Voruntererschung that the piss tube of the slave completely constricts. Now Lady Britt is using vibration dilators again to make continuous.

the fucking machine

2019-08-18 3:20 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Fucking Machines
the fucking machine 0
the fucking machine 1
the fucking machine 2
the fucking machine 3
the fucking machine 4

Slaves always belong to their destination.

the vacuum pump

2019-08-18 10:43 minutes BDSM, CBT, Female Domination
the vacuum pump 0
the vacuum pump 1
the vacuum pump 2

Check the slaves piss tube for constriction with a very long dilator, then build up the slave tail via the electric vacuum pump.


2019-08-16 3:52 minutes BDSM, Fisting, Medical
Fisten 0
Fisten 1
Fisten 2
Fisten 3
Fisten 4

The slave's ass belongs to the divine Lady Britt. The slave learns that in this video and we may watch thereby how Lady Britt teaches him this. Lady Britt fists the slave hard and lets him feel who is in charge. You can really feel how much fun it is for the mistress to torment the slave and to stretch, widen and spread his ass cunt. The inclined viewer wishes himself nothing more when watching this video, than to lie on this gyn chair and to feel the fist of the mistress.

Hodensack nähen

2019-08-16 5:04 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Hodensack nähen 0
Hodensack nähen 1
Hodensack nähen 2

with far gespreitzen firmly fixed thighs lies the slave on the examination chair. the slave could not leave it his tail again and again to jerk off. Now it's over because Lady Britt decides to have his tail sewn into his scrotum.

Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator

2019-08-16 9:02 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator 0
Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator 1
Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator 2
Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator 3
Harnröhrendehnung mit Dilator 4

Die Pissröhre des Sklaven ist komplett verengt und wird über Vibrations Dilatoren wider durchgängig gemacht von Lady Britt

Tube expansion with diators

2019-07-07 9:02 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Medical
Tube expansion with diators 0
Tube expansion with diators 1
Tube expansion with diators 2
Tube expansion with diators 3
Tube expansion with diators 4

     The piss tube of the slave is completely constricted and is üuml;made through vibration dilators again by Lady Britt. A particularly painful undertaking for the slave. It is surely only for the good of the slave and Lady Britt has her joy to use the slave.

used with needles

2019-07-07 11:16 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Medical
used with needles 0
used with needles 1
used with needles 2
used with needles 3
used with needles 4

Lady Britt is very unhappy with the stability of the slave tail ... It is not suitable for being blown because it always falls together... needle therapy is called for          

testicular needles

2019-07-05 4:43 minutes BDSM, CBT, Medical
testicular needles 0
testicular needles 1
testicular needles 2

The slave can not let the jerking simply be there only one helps, first of all stimulation current on the eggs. Now Lady Britt decides the testicles

to examine something closely. She pleasurably torments her with her hands, but it is not enough for her. The decision has been made to test the testicles


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